1. With five folks, the Customer and Professional Services team is one of CIVHC’s largest and they have some impressive experience.
  • Amy Andrews McMaster, Stakeholder Relations – educator, public speaker, and leadership coach
  • Everett (Eddy) Costa III, D.M., Account Executive – honorable service in the United States Air Force, financial management, health care business development and consulting
  • Kari Degerness, LNHA, Account Manager – health care administration in acute, post-acute, and dental care.
  • Kristin Paulson, JD, MPH, VP of Programs and Analytics – health care law, research, and policy
  • Lloyd Guthrie, MBA, Program Manager for Statewide Initiatives – executive leadership roles with large integrated health systems, multispecialty physician groups, and an HMO health plan
  1. Before joining CIVHC they had some pretty interesting jobs.
  • Amy – apartment pool lifeguard (aka- all day kid care)
  • Eddy – T-ball umpire
  • Kari – working with her Dad in his Endodontic practice
  • Kristin – taco stand cook
  • Lloyd – carpenter’s helper at 12 years old (he was fired after 3 days)
  1. They are all world travelers, some of their most memorable vacation destinations include:
  • Amy – backpacking in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos
  • Eddy – the Turkish Riviera
  • Kari – Norway and India
  • Kristin – Alaska
  • Lloyd – Hawaii
  1. Not surprisingly, this group is full of readers – so much so, some couldn’t name their favorite books!
  • Amy – My Grandfather’s Blessings, Daring Greatly, The Red Tent
  • Eddy – Last of the Mohicans, The Patient is the New Payer
  • Kari – loves historical fiction
  • Kristin – Geek Love
  • Lloyd – The Champ: The Story of Muhammad Ali
  1. These folks take an eclectic view on the sweeter things in life, especially their favorite desserts.
  • Amy – French Fries (salt please)
  • Eddy – Key Lime Pie
  • Kari – Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • Kristin – lemon things
  • Lloyd – NY Style Cheesecake

Top 5 Successes

  1. Integrating subject matter experts into discussions with clients in order to facilitate actionable custom data requests.
  2. Discovering out-of-the-box ways CO APCD data can support innovative projects.
  3. Successful execution of recent CO APCD Rule Changes to enhance the value of the data submitted.
  4. Advancing the Triple Aim with an amazing group of professionals passionate about improving cost, quality, and health in Colorado.
  5. Partnering with Colorado State Legislators to make positive changes to health care delivery and costs in the state.

 Top 5 Challenges

  1. Increasing the response rate on customer service surveys.
  2. Consolidating stakeholder needs into coherent and meaningful projects.
  3. Managing an exponential increase in non-public CO APCD data requests.
  4. Working to ensure that stakeholder projects meet the criteria for accessing custom CO APCD data.
  5. Helping stakeholders understand how claims data can (and cannot) be used.
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