Top 5 Things to Know about CIVHC’s C-Suite

1) CIVHC’s fearless leaders have decades of experience in health care:
Ana English, MBA – President and CEO – 29 years
Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD – Chief Medical Officer – 14 years

2) However, both are no stranger to food service work, Ana once worked in an ice cream shop and Tamaan helped feed Lords and Ladies while working in the kitchen at a renaissance faire.

3) Ana and Tamaan are world travelers, listing a trip to South Africa and a honeymoon in Belize as their respective favorite vacations.

4) Avid readers, Ana’s favorite book(s) are Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales and Tamaan’s is Sula by Toni Morrison.

5) Not surprisingly, both members of CIVHC’s C-Suite have active hobbies; Ana enjoys hiking while Tamaan practices Capoeria.

Top 5 Successes
1) Crafting a solid five-year plan for CIVHC allows Colorado to advance further toward the Triple Aim.

2) Aligning the two sides of CIVHC – the data side and the community convening side to create an organization that helps to provide stakeholders valued actionable analytics to drive system change across health care.

3) Helping to ground CIVHC’s efforts clinically along with engaging the physician community and other thought-leaders across the state and nation.

4) The continued development and strengthening of the CO APCD and CIVHC’s analytic capabilities.

5) The opportunity to serve Colorado through an organization like CIVHC.

Top 5 Challenges
1) Understanding the myriad of CO APCD capabilities while improving the caliber of the data and developing new infrastructures and technologies.

2) Engaging the community to use CIVHC as a resource.

3) Navigating CIVHC’s multiple moving parts and teams, all involved in vast numbers of exciting projects and initiatives.

4) Increasing accessibility to the CO APCD in a cost effective manner and leveraging the potential marketplace for data.

5) Maintaining an objective, neutral environment while working to ensure that CIVHC and the CO APCD obtain necessary funding to continue being integral to Colorado.

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