Top 5 Professional Successes

1) Continually striving to improve the accuracy, value, and availability of the data within the CO APCD.
2) Providing the highest value product and services to requestors of CO APCD data.
3) Finding creative ways to tell the health care story with CO APCD data.
4) Being part of CIVHC and advancing the Triple Aim – seriously – we do cool stuff.
5) Maintaining a sense of humor in the face of stressful encounters.

Top 5 Professional Challenges

1) Blending Big Data, Information Technology and Health Care. These are complex disciplines and sometimes things don’t go as planned.
2) Managing competing priorities, we have so many projects that we need and want to do and so little time.
3) Meeting the needs of diverse projects, CIVHC’s work spans the spectrum and each project has specific requirements.
4) Striving for timely responses and meeting aggressive timelines for the various project initiatives.
5) Maintaining a sense of humor in the face of stressful encounters.

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