Colorado Advance Care Planning Stakeholders Gather to Share -

CIVHC’s partnerships are essential for addressing palliative care, serious and advanced illness, advance care planning and care transitions.  Optimizing alignment of multi-stakeholder efforts designed to improve care for patients, families and caregivers is a shared objective here in Colorado where collaborations within and among communities are longstanding.  Now a significant national policy influencer is engaged here in Colorado to bolster this focus on improving care that respects the values of patients and families, while decreasing costs and improving quality of life.

C-TAC, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, is a national advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring advanced illness care is supported through health policy, regulations, and legislation. On June 28 C-TAC and CIVHC hosted a morning policy event to brief advocates on the latest policy developments in Washington and around the country that affect this population. There were roughly sixty attendees for a session that included a national perspective, discussion about what is happening in Colorado and in other states, and an exploration about how other advocates can support this movement.  In the afternoon CIVHC hosted an Advance Care Planning (ACP) convening that afforded the opportunity for Colorado’s ACP and serious illness stakeholders to discuss timely developments in this landscape and spend time exploring programs, initiatives and opportunities across the state.

The robust discussion also provided valuable insights that will help shape a CIVHC-hosted October 8, 2018 Provider Education Symposium immediately preceding C-TAC’s Annual Summit on Advanced Illness Care, October 9-11, 2018.

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