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CO APCD History and Governance

The Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD) legislation (Colorado House Bill 10-1330) went into effect in late summer 2010. The legislation set out a number of required actions and milestones. CIVHC was appointed the Administrator of the CO APCD and, through its work with an appointed CO APCD Advisory Committee, successfully met statutory milestones on or before deadlines.

As Administrator, CIVHC ensures that the CO APCD is compliant with all current Colorado statutes.

Governance of every aspect of the CO APCD has been established to ensure the CO APCD functions as intended by current Colorado statutes. Oversight includes:

  • Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF) appoints the Administrator, which is contractually required to strictly adhere to HIPAA and related state and federal laws. The Administrator (CIVHC) must annually report data requests and uses, and must immediately report any breaches of data to the Department.
  • HCPF promulgates all rules associated with the CO APCD including how data is protected and released.
  • A statewide, multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee, established by statute, makes recommendations to the Administrator for administration of the database.
  • A separate Data Release Review Committee (DRRC), established by HCPF rules, is required to develop protocols for data release, review requests for CO APCD reports and advise the Administrator on the appropriateness of those requests.
  • The Administrator is required to make annual reports to the General Assembly and Governor.
  • CIVHC, the CO APCD Administrator, is a non-profit governed by a board of directors with a fiduciary duty and financial liability related to CIVHC’s operation of the CO APCD.
  • Because the CO APCD is funded by grants, the Administrator is required to provide detailed reports on the progress of the CO APCD, a series of grant milestones and an evaluation of the CO APCD’s impact.

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