Melissa Memorial Hospital -

USE CASE: Investigating Where Patients Go For Care

One of Colorado’s rural hospitals, Melissa Memorial Hospital (MMH) is located in Holyoke, between Denver and the Nebraska state line. Melissa Memorial offers specialty and emergency as well as primary care and pharmacy services.

Project Summary MMH used the outmigration report to understand where patients were going for care and what services they were seeking. MMH then compared the data with the Community Health Needs Assessment, and a market share study to show that Orthopedics, Chemotherapy and eye services were the major outmigration services.

Benefit to Colorado Colorado residents on the Eastern Plains now have access to care that could previously only receive by driving to neighboring cities. Based on the findings from the outmigration report, MMH has implemented a robust orthopedic program that tripled the total surgical volume and added an optometry clinic with optical retail store providing access to 1500 visits in 2017. MMH now plans to focus on implementing chemotherapy.

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