USE CASE: Understanding the Impact of Medicaid and Marketplace Coverage on Low-Income Families in Colorado

This national School of Public Health works to improve the lives of individuals.

Project Summary This project will explore the differences between the utilization, health care costs, and quality of care received by low income adults enrolled in Medicaid versus those enrolled in plans from the state Marketplace. Researchers are hoping to answer two questions:

  1. Do the experiences of low-income adults vary between plans in terms of health care access, cost, and quality?
  2. Which of these differences in access, cost, and quality can be attributed to income and demographic differences among the enrolled individuals and which can be attributed to differences in plan-related factors?

 Benefit to Colorado By exploring the circumstances surrounding health care for low income adults, the researchers could gather valuable insights including:

  • Are providers who treat Medicaid patients well-suited to managing the complex medical and social circumstances of this vulnerable population?
  • It is possible that Medicaid may provide more cost-effective care based on lower payment to providers?

Insights such as these could help Colorado provide the best quality care for low-income adults and families.

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