Application Resources

Standard Reports

Requesting a standard report is fast and easy thanks to a simplified application and review process! Contact us at to receive a demo of one of our interactive standard reports.

Custom Reports and Data Sets

Before requesting a custom report or data set, we strongly recommend contacting us at so that we can assist you in this process. Our staff will help to ensure the CO APCD is the right fit for your project and walk you through the steps of completing the application and applying for scholarship funding (if applicable).

General Data Release Process (for Custom Reports and Data Sets).

  1. Discuss your project with CIVHC staff to determine if CO APCD data is the right fit for your project.
  2. Work with the CIVHC team to fully scope your project and fill out an application.
  3. CIVHC will estimate the cost and turnaround time associated with your request.
  4. Complete data application forms and Data Use Agreement.
  5. If applicable, Application is reviewed by the Data Release Review Committee (DRRC) at their monthly meeting.
  6. Receive your data approximately 30-60 days after a contract has been signed and the DRRC has recommended approval.

Forms we will help you fill out to complete your request include: