Top 5 Things to Know About CIVHC’s Data & Analytics Team

  1. The D&A team, originally only one analyst in 2012, has grown to a team of five analysts and three project managers led by the VP of Analytics and Data Operations, Dave Abernethy.
  2. They provide quality assurance, queries, and analysis of millions of claims coming into the CO APCD monthly, in addition to fulfilling custom data requests.
  3. D&A is an agile shop and manages projects using Scrum best practices. This enables the team to focus on excellent customer service and collaborate with data requestors.
  4. Always looking for ways to improve, the D&A team welcomes ideas on how to provide the highest quality, actionable CO APCD data possible.
  5. The team is populated with wicked smart folks, including two mathematicians and a Ph.D in microbiology.

5 Coolest Projects in the Works

  1. Standard reports – High value, actionable, interactive reports that will be available at low cost to stakeholders.
  2. Episodes of Care – Analyses for “Episodes of Care” are being developed that include costs for all services performed for a single condition. These episodes will help consumers shop for health care prices online, and can also be used to develop new payment models.
  3. New CIVHC website – CIVHC is combining,, and into a one-stop shop for information about CIVHC programs and CO APCD data.
  4. Data Portal – The Data Portal is nearing completion and will allow requestors to interact with requested data in Tableau using a secure online interface.
  5. Local & National projects - CO APCD data is informing innovative projects including Colorado’s State Innovation Model and studies funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Top 5 Things to Know About the New CO ACPD Data Vendors

  1. Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) and NORC at the University of Chicago, were selected as the new data warehouse vendors for the CO APCD after five years with the original data warehouse vendor, 3M.
  2. The one year transition process to HSRI/NORC is already well underway will be complete by July 1st, 2017.
  3. With HSRI/NORC, claims will be processed faster and refreshes will occur monthly as opposed to every 90 days, resulting in more timely data availability for public and non-public requests.
  4. HSRI/NORC’s data platform is bigger and more powerful than the existing foundation of the CO APCD, which provides CIVHC’s analysts with greater flexibility and agility when completing data requests.
  5. The new vendors also bring cutting-edge data analytic and visualization tools including Tableau, an interactive program that allows users to dig deeper into the data.