Top 5 Things to Know About the R & C Team
1. The team is wicked smart; made up of two folks with PhDs:
Jonathan Mathieu, VP of Research & Compliance and Chief Economist – PhD in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder
Maria de Jesus Diaz-Perez, Quality Measures Program Manager  PhD in Health and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado, Denver
2. Neither member is from Colorado (though they got here as soon as they could). Jonathan is from upstate New York and Maria is from Tampico Tamaulipas, Mexico.
3. They both have exciting hobbies. Maria loves to travel to places big and small while Jonathan enjoys skiing, biking, camping, and cooking.
4. Their journeys to CIVHC had some interesting detours. Jonathan was once paid to ski (almost) every day and Maria used to help her sister in a bookstore run by a Chilean political exile.
5. Literary slouches they are not – no beach reads here. Jonathan’s favorite book is Encounters with the Archdruid by John McPhee and Maria’s is The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The Rise of a Sovereign Profession and the Making of a Vast Industry by Paul Starr.

Top 5 Ways Compliance Impacts How Data from the CO APCD is Released
1. First and foremost, the team ensures that all releases of CO APCD data meet the rigorous privacy and security standards of both HIPAA and HITECH.
2. The enabling statute of the CO APCD is very clear in that all releases of data must benefit Colorado, and the Compliance team is vigilant about making sure that each release works toward the good of the state.
3. There are numerous rules about what data can be released, particularly when it comes to information that might impact the health insurance market. Thus, the Compliance team is well versed in Anti-trust policy and makes sure that all releases fall within the safety zone.
4. All of these regulations can be confusing to CO APCD data requestors so the Compliance team is always available to work with them so they get what they need while remaining within bounds of what CIVHC can release.
5. Jonathan describes the team’s role in Compliance as, “Our team ensures that CIVHC is administrating the CO APCD according to all state and federal regulations.

Top 5 Research Collaborations 
1. Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, Total Cost of Care - This project is implementing standard methods to measure variation in the total cost of care and use of health care services at the practice level across different regions of the U.S. to help physicians identify ways to improve quality and lower costs.
2. National Bureau of Economics Research and the Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute - This project is helping researchers understand how Medicare reimbursement rates impact the prices set by commercial health insurance plans. CO APCD data is being used to identify scenarios where commercial payments are closely tied to changes in Medicare reimbursement rates.
3. Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement and the Pacific Business Group on Health, Center for Health Care Transparency – This project is working to create a national hub for consumer transparency with the goal to make cost, quality and patient experience data for 50 percent of US population publicly available by 2020.
4. Health Data Compass – The Health Data Compass project is made up of four clinical and translational research institutions who are combining their expertise to create a combined clinical and CO APCD claims data hub for researchers at University Physicians Inc., Children’s Hospital Colorado, and UC Health.
5. State Innovation Model/Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative – Colorado received over $65 Million in funding from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to integrate behavioral and physical health across the state. CO APCD data is being used as a key source of information for providers in combination with electronic medical record data.