Top 5 Things to Know about the Communications & Marketing Team

1. The three person C & M team held interesting jobs before coming to CIVHC –

  • Cari Frank, Director of Communications and Marketing, was a Paperboy (and we do mean “boy,” they called her “Carl”).
  • Rachel Linn, Marketing and Product Manager, was a Balloon Artist at multiple restaurants in middle school.
  • Stephanie Spriggs, Grant Writer and Report Specialist, was a Stage Manager on the regional theatre circuit.

2. They have diverse interests, Cari enjoys teaching fitness classes and traveling; Rachel spends her non-CIVHC time hiking, running, and playing games; and Steph keeps herself busy reading, crocheting, and volunteering.

3. The C&M team knows how to travel! Their favorite vacations include:

  • Cari – South African Safari
  • Rachel – Eating her way through Italy
  • Steph – Cruising the Caribbean with the band, Barenaked Ladies

4. Colorado was not any of their first stops. Cari once lived in both San Diego and San Antonio; Rachel once called South Korea and Ventura, California home; and Steph hails from Albuquerque and used to live in Orlando.

5. As children, they all had big dreams about their futures. Cari wanted to be an anesthesiologist; Rachel dreamt of being a dentist; and Steph had writer-ly aspirations.

Top 5 Favorite Projects/Publications

1. Annual Report

2. Christmas Cards

3. Freestanding Emergency Department Spot Analysis

4. 12 Days of Data

5. Change Agent Chat Series

Top 5 Things to Watch for in the Next Year

1. One, new, improved, that combines the original site, plus and

2. New population health reports with 2012-2015 trend data for Medicare Fee For Service, Medicaid, and Commercial payers; statewide, county level, and Health Statistic Region information; urban vs. rural and demographic breakouts.

3. Facility cost and quality information for new procedures and new facilities.

4. Our first Spot Analysis focusing on drug costs by payer and condition.

5. Publications celebrating new and exciting ways to use the CO APCD and information on different types of services that CIVHC offers.