Top 5 Things to Know About CIVHC’s Data Intake Team
1. Both members of the team lived in the Middle East:
Erin Anne Perry, CO APCD Project Manager – Egypt
Mariam Tahir, CO APCD Project Coordinator – Saudi Arabia
2. Given the above tidbit, it is not surprising that both ladies speak different languages; Erin speaks Arabic and Mariam speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.
3. Erin spends her free time crafting, skiing and baking while Mariam enjoys dancing and eating.
4. The team is made up of prolific readers, Erin’s favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and Mariam loves the Harry Potter series.
5. Never traditionalists, Erin’s favorite dessert is a piece of crusty French bread, fresh from the oven and buttered; Mariam refused to pick a favorite and said, “All of them.”

Top 5 Challenges of the Data Intake Process
1.  With many submitters with different situations and needs, there are continually unique challenges that arise, and no day is ever the same.
2. Each month they help CIVHC’s data warehouse manager intake a staggering amount of data; between claim lines, different plans, and separate markets, they are responsible for keeping track of millions upon millions of line items.
3. Because each submitter is different, data quality varies from between submitters and must be standardized.
4. The project management aspect of data intake is daunting. Erin and Mariam make sure all submitters get the correct data in on time, run quality checks, follow up on any concerns with the submitters, and keep an eye on whether any changes need to be made to the Data Submission Guide. Then it all starts over again the next month.
5. Adapting to different response times from different submitters can put a hitch in the well-oiled machine.

Top 5 Successes
1. Erin and Mariam have worked hard to establish good and collaborative relationships with the submitters. As Erin puts it, “Working with the submitters is a joy.”
2. While it adds complexity to their jobs, the team enjoys onboarding new submitters and closing the gap in population representation and making the CO APCD as complete as possible.
3. For the last 12 months, the team has been working to transition submissions from CIVHC’s former data vendor, 3M, to new vendors HSRI/NORC. This included ensuring that all payers can submit their files properly and that HSRI/NORC receives everything in the formats required. The transition was officially completed in June 2017, and we are now onboarding more payers than before and processing all of the data monthly (previously quarterly with 3M)
4.  CIVHC works hard to ensure that CO APCD data is the highest quality possible. This process starts at data intake and the team is constantly striving to develop new ways to discover anomalies.
5. All submitters use the Data Submission Guide as they submit their monthly claims.  Each year, Erin and Mariam update the guide to include more information about health care in Colorado. The most recent DSG was approved in June and will go into effect this fall adding additional value-add elements for data recipients and public reporting.