• CIVHC.org – general information on our organization and some data/reports
  • Comedprice.org –interactive data from the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD)
  • Comedpriceshowcase.org – Highlights of the amazing work being done with CO APCD data

Simply put, we were drowning in websites!!!

But not for much longer.

As part of the transition to our new data vendors HSRI/NORC, we are merging all of our websites into civhc.org, giving it a much needed facelift and providing a lot more information for Change Agents to use as they work to change the trajectory of health care in Colorado.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long to check out everything that’s changed; the new and improved civhc.org will be unveiled in September. In the meantime we’re gonna give you a wee taste of what you can expect.

Quick refresher – here’s what the three original sites looked like:


With civhc.org bringing all of the sites into one , you’ll be able to learn about CIVHC and what we do, access public CO APCD data, and see how others are advancing health care. We’re putting Change Agents front and center so they can inspire innovation and spur new ways to change the system – some using the CO APCD, and some using other data sources to support their work.

Now, good things take time so we will be rolling out additional new features periodically in the coming months. We’ve re-conceptualized and redesigned the CO APCD public interactive reports for not only the statewide measures like cost of care and chronic condition prevalence but also the facility cost and quality information. Not all of the reports will be available right away, but rest assured they are coming and we’re working hard to make them actionable and useful to as many stakeholders as possible.

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the interactive cost of care reports:

This is just the overview tab, but you’ll also have the option of looking at trends and geographic comparisons by county and Health Statistics Regions. All of these features are new with the cost of care report:

  1. You can choose to look at Health Plan and Patient Cost Combined, Health Plan Only, or Patient Only costs
  2. Data is available for 2012-2015
  3. You can select all or view by Child, Young Adult, Mature Adult, or Senior Adult age groups
  4. It is also possible to filter by gender
  5. There are options to slice and dice the data by geographical regions: All, Urban, or Rural
  6. You can now compare all payers available at once, and we will have Medicare Advantage for the first time!

Excited yet? We are!

Stay tuned for an email letting you know the site is live and, when you do check it out, let us know what you think about it at info@civhc.org.

Curious about what is coming next? Click here for a list of planned updates.