Top 5 Things to Know about CIVHC’s Office Management Team

1. Two impressive women are the true backbone of CIVHC, and they draw on some unusual skills from early in their careers.

  • Alice Louise Bonaker, Executive Assistant and Business Office Manager, was a theatrical costume and lighting designer.
  • Aspen Brooks, MBA, Executive Assistant, taught English in South Korea.

2. They also bring extensive office administration experience to CIVHC. Alice Louise has worked in an administrative capacity for over 10 years, and Aspen has experience as a small business owner and as an administrative assistant.

3. Both members of the team enjoy traveling, and their favorite vacations to date are:

  • Alice Louise – waterskiing in the lakes region of Maine
  • Aspen – an extended trip through Australia, Panama, Peru, and Brazil

4. Reading is a great passion for the Office Management Team; Aspen couldn’t list one favorite book, she listed seven, including The Hobbit and On the Road. Alice Louise refused to answer and instead quoted her 4-year-old son: “All of them.”

5. Neither lady would deny their sweet tooth. Alice Louise enjoys homemade strawberry shortcake, and Aspen loves ice cream.

5 Team Challenges
1. Keeping the office stocked with fruit, coffee, and chocolate.
2. Taking time for self-care each day.
3. Bending the space-time continuum juggling CIVHC’s staff scheduling.
4. Staying patient while balancing disparate workloads.
5. Channeling their energy into keeping CIVHC running smoothly.

5 Team Successes
1. Interacting with CIVHC’s wonderfully engaged stakeholders.
2. Managing six un-eventful financial audits.
3. Helping CIVHC do some really cool things and accomplish ambitious goals.
4. Supporting CIVHC while launching the CO APCD.
5. Executing a complete office remodel and move.