Last year we introduced you to the wicked smart Data & Analytics team and highlighted some of the coolest projects in the hopper. Today, we’re checking in on the status of those projects.

Where Are They Now?

Standard Reports2017 recap: High value, actionable, interactive reports that will be available at low cost to stakeholders. Situation Report 2018: Six reports are in the final stages of development:

  1. Outpatient Outmigration Report – Provider Version
  2. Inpatient Outmigration Report Drug Price Variation/Usage Dashboard – HSR version
  3. Drug Price Variation/Usage Dashboard – County version
  4. CPT 4 Market Rate Analysis – Professional CPT 4 market rates compared to Medicare Fee Schedule
  5. CPT 4 Market Rate Analysis – Professional and Facility CPT 4 market rates compared to Medicare Fee Schedule

CIVHC welcomes beta testers for these and other CO APCD reports please email for more information.

Episodes of Care2017 recap: Analyses for “Episodes of Care” are being developed that include costs for all services performed for a single condition. These episodes will help consumers shop for health care prices online, and can also be used to develop new payment models. 2018 Situation Report: Finishing touches are being put on the Episodes of Care reports that will allow Coloradans to shop for health care. Look for information in the coming months about the launch of these reports on These episode-based analyses will also being used by multiple stakeholder organizations including state agencies and large employer groups.

New CIVHC Website2017 recap: CIVHC is combining,, and into a one-stop shop for information about CIVHC programs and CO APCD data. 2018 Situation Report: This blog comes to you from the new, where you can find information about Change Agents making Colorado healthier, interactive population reports, and how to access CO APCD data.

Data Portal2017 recap: The Data Portal is nearing completion and will allow requestors to interact with requested data in Tableau using a secure online interface. Situation Report 2018: In February, we delivered the first CO APCD data requests through the data portal. Facilities who will have data displayed in the public facility cost and quality reports will also receive their preview information through the Data Portal. Preview reports will be distributed through the Data Portal in spring/summer 2018.

Local & National Projects2017 recap: CO APCD data is informing innovative projects including Colorado’s State Innovation Model and studies like Total Cost of Care funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Situation Report 2018: CO APCD data continues to be sought after for research projects both locally and nationally. For several of these projects, CIVHC’s Analytics team is pioneering new methodology and going where claims data has never gone before.