In May we re-launched the CIVHC Connect Meeting series in order to create more opportunities for connection among our stakeholders. Change Agents had two ways to attend – in person on May 16 and via webinar on May 21.

This first Connect session focused on publicly available Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD) data. CIVHC is required to use the CO APCD to report health care and health quality data that benefits Colorado by improving care, lowering costs, and making Colorado healthier. As part of this charge, we work to ensure that CO APCD publications help Change Agents in the following ways:

  • Educate consumers and other stakeholders about health care issues
  • Inform opportunities for cost savings and improved health/care
  • Support decision-making and development of new programs or initiatives
  • Track progress across communities and as a state

We kicked things off with a quick overview of CIVHC, the CO APCD, and then dove right into the data that is available on Our Director of Public Reporting, Maria de Jesus Diaz-Perez, PhD, took us through interactive reports that detail population health measures – Cost of Care, Condition Prevalence, Quality of Care, and Utilization. Cari Frank, VP of Communication and Marketing, then highlighted some of the recent publications featuring CO APCD data including the Total Cost of Care in Colorado and Vimovo/Duexis Drug Cost Savings Spot Analyses, and the Data Bytes about the prescribing trends of the opioid Subsys and the number of Coloradans with Pre-Existing Conditions.

Attendees at both events engaged in lively discussion. It was exciting to hear how folks are using the data and what we can do to ensure that we’re publishing the most valuable information possible. We’re looking forward to continuing the Connect series in August with an update on CIVHC’s Palliative Care program.

Below are links to the recording of the virtual CIVHC Connect, the presentation, and an overview of CO APCD data publications.