Though pushed back a year, the Tokyo Olympics are finally underway and it is time to cheer on our American athletes. My family and I have a very special reason to cheer because my daughter won a gold medal Monday at the Olympic Games! I could not see it in person due to the pandemic limitations, but I know that my daughter heard me cheering across the big waters. As I was able to tell her on Today, I am amazed at her determination and strength that helped her become a gold medalist. I am so proud of her accomplishments as well as TEAM USA’s, and hope you will join me in cheering for the rest of our athletes at the games.

I am also very proud of CIVHC’s accomplishments over the last year, and am excited about our plans for the future. As we look toward our 5-year goals, it is crucial that CIVHC continue to raise the bar while we strive to proactively support and identify positive health care changes that make the system work for every Coloradan. One of our primary goals is advancing health equity. The infrastructure we’ve built in the CO APCD over the last year will allow us to bring in social factors like race, ethnicity, housing and transportation that will help us bolster the work of so many of our stakeholder partners who are aligned with our health equity mission.

We’re excited and privileged to be a part of a robust, forward-thinking health care ecosystem in Colorado and are committed to continuing our drive towards increasing the overall quality, usability, and value of the CO APCD, and continuing to be an integral part of the local and national community.  We’re constantly seeking out new ways to make the data more accessible and look forward to hearing directly from you on how we can support your work. Our team looks forward to engaging with you to learn more about your needs and how we can best support you to make health care more affordable, high quality, and equitable.

As the nation is caught up in the excitement of supporting our USA Olympic athletes, we’re excited to work with all of you in the upcoming year and beyond. We know that together we can improve the lives of Coloradans and change the trajectory of health care, and we’re thrilled to be partners on that journey.