CIVHC President and CEO Ana English is honored to accept the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) Elliot M. Stone Award of Excellence in Health Data Leadership during this year’s annual conference.

The Elliot M. Stone Award recognizes an individual who “represents the highest ideals in data collection, analysis, or outcomes measurement and whose creative efforts have made outstanding contributions to improvements in the collection, application, and/or dissemination of health data.” NAHDO has presented the award annually since 1990.

“I am humbled and honored to be recognized by such an incredible group of leaders in the health data community,” said Ana. “I am consistently awed by not only what the CIVHC team has created but by what each organization that’s a part of NAHDO has accomplished. Being part of the NAHDO family has been a highlight of my career.”

In May, after nearly eight years with CIVHC, Ana announced her retirement effective December 2, 2022. Ana joined CIVHC in 2014, and under her leadership CIVHC worked to make the Colorado APCD a leading resource among state APCDs while innovating its utility and expanding support services in Colorado and across the country. Recently, CIVHC’s board of directors announced Kristin Paulson, JD, MPH, CIVHC’s current Chief Operating Officer, to succeed Ana as CIVHC’s next CEO.

Ana also participated in the NAHDO Annual Conference opening keynote address “Reflections on the Past 10-15 Years in Health IT and Data” with fellow panelists Ray Campbell from Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA), and Ben Steffen from Maryland Health Care Commission.

CIVHC is excited to also have featured work during several additional sessions at this year’s annual conference including:

The scheduled sessions and presenters are:

Valerie Garrison, MES, Evaluation Analyst, Benjamin Hauschild, MPH, Evaluation Program Manager – “Enhancing the Colorado All Payer Claims Database Capabilities through Evaluation Services”

Kristin Paulson, JD, MPH, Chief Operating Officer and General Council (2 presentations) – “Standard De-Identified Datasets”; “ERISA Option Mandate”

Jennifer Carpenter, Data Privacy and Compliance Manager – “Ensuring Compliance for Non-public Data Releases – Lessons from the Colorado All Payer Claims Database”

Megha Jha, MPH, Health Care Data Analyst & Maria de Jesus Diaz Perez, PHD, Director of Research and Performance Measurement – “Using Claims Data and Death Records to Assess End of Life Care in Colorado”

Ioana Crisan, Director of Healthcare Reporting Population Health, Human Services Research Institute & Maria de Jesus Diaz Perez – “Visualizing Determinants of Health: An Interactive Exploration of Health Care Access, Quality and Cost Performance in Colorado’s Neighborhoods”

The NAHDO Annual Conference is a yearly convening of health data organization leaders and analysts, data uses, policymakers, and other prominent individuals in the field of health care data. The theme for this year’s 37th annual conference is “Putting Health Care Data to Work” and has seven key themes:

  • Health Equity and Disparities
  • Data Governance – Protecting Patient Privacy
  • Efforts to Ease the Sharing of Data
  • Data Linkage
  • The Impacts of COVID-19 on Data and Data Usage
  • National and State Trends and Priorities
  • Using Data to Catalyze Change

Other presentations at the conference will feature representatives from a number of state health departments, government agencies such as the U.S. Census Bureau, national health data organizations including HSRI and the RAND Corporation, and researchers from universities including UTHealth, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

The National Association of Health Data Organizations is a national nonprofit focused on improving health care data quality and use and co-founder of the All Payer Claims Database (APCD) Council. As administrator of the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD), CIVHC has been a long-standing member of NAHDO and has participated in presentations at the annual conference each year.

This year’s NAHDO Annual Conference was held both in-person and virtually from October 25-27.

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