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Change Agents across Colorado and the nation are doing remarkable things to change the trajectory of health care. Here is a collection of recordings, presentations, and Chats that highlight the amazing work being done as well as provide crucial information and education to move us all toward the Triple Aim.

CIVHC Connect: Dollars and Sense

November 13, 2018

The economics of the American health care system stopped making sense a long time ago.

In November 2018 CIVHC brought together Change Agents from across  the nation to change the conversation.

Dollars and Sense was a day-long event featuring new data and analysis from local and national leaders in health care transparency and cost containment.


Presentation slides:

Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement / CIVHC - Total Cost of Care

Colorado Business Group on Health / CIVHC - Reference Based Pricing

CIVHC - Public  Reporting and Consumer Shopping Tool

Catalyst for Payment Reform - Colorado Scorecard


Change Agent Chat and Standard Report Demo: Melissa Memorial Hospital

October 15, 2018

Melissa Memorial Hospital used a CO APCD outmigration report to understand where patients were going for care and what services they were seeking. MMH then compared the data with the Community Health Needs Assessment, and a market share study to show that Orthopedics, Chemotherapy and eye services were the major outmigration services.

What insights did the outmigration report uncover? What steps were taken to fill the gaps in care?

Click here for the recording of the #ChangeAgentChat and demonstration of the outmigration report featuring Cari Frank, CIVHC's VP of Communications and Marketing and Trampas Hutches, CEO of Melissa Memorial.

*CIVHC Communications' webcam did not record due to technical difficulties. The demo of the report is visible.

Project Angel Heart Impact Study

September 19, 2018

CIVHC's Kristin Paulson and Project Angel Heart's Rachael Robinson had an in-depth discussion of Project Angel Heart’s recent study that used CO APCD data to examine the cost patterns of their clients prior to service, during service, and post- service, as well as compare cost and utilization to that of a control group using claims data.

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar, here for audio only

Presentation slides are available here

Change Agent Chat Series