PROFILE: Exploring Magical Interventions for Children

Frosty the Snowman can trace his legacy back to a band of enterprising children and a mysterious, magical silk hat. Born of ice and snow, a corncob pipe and a button nose, Frosty was animated by a discarded cap and subsequently brought joy and laughter to a small town.

Project Summary: Frosty is working to encourage acceptance of alternative interventions to remind children and adults of the wonder and magic possible if they believe. Though his first forays into such interventions bordered on mischief making, causing him to upset various law enforcement representatives, he is a strong proponent of maintaining a positive and upbeat outlook.

Benefit to Colorado: Frosty’s project has potential positive implications in both physical and mental health. Demonstrative evidence of the advantages of mindset alteration could further research into additional innovations, thereby making Coloradans happier.

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