PROFILE: Anthropomorphic Delivery of Sugar and Spice

Holiday Change AgentThe Gingerbread Man is a leader in the field of evading consumption. From humble beginnings, he emerged from the oven with a strong sense of self and refuses to compromise his ideals.

Project Summary: Motivation for his project, innovation of the sugar and spice delivery system, is baked right into the Gingerbread Man. He believes that the existing construct is flawed due to the human-shaped package through which these tasty items are distributed. Thus, he is striving to change how anthropomorphic baked goods are perceived.

Benefit to Colorado: Should the Gingerbread Man’s endeavor succeed, Coloradans will benefit through the expansion of sugar and spice delivery into new and innovative shapes. This variety and competition has the potential to help drive transparency into the sugar and spice marketplace.

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