USE CASE: Evaluating the Impact of Direct Primary Care

PeakMed Direct Primary Care is advancing access to Doctor/Patient relationship-based health care at an affordable price. PeakMed not only offers conventional care such check-ups, physicals and diagnosis, but also wellness care and urgent care.

 Project Summary: Doctors at PeakMed are using CO APCD data in three ways:

  1. To determine the impact of their Direct Primary Care program on patient costs and outcomes;
  2. To assess cost savings associated with reducing avoidable Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits and lowering spending for prescriptions, lab work, and imaging services; and
  3. To understand the costs associated with patients with chronic conditions across all inpatient/outpatient service areas, generic/brand drug utilization, and ancillary services.

Benefit to Colorado: Information gathered during this study will help PeakMed design a care delivery platform that fits the needs of the population and provides the most care possible across multiple service areas outside of traditional fee for service structures. Colorado can benefit from this study by learning from PeakMed’s efforts and using the lessons to provide better care at lower costs.