PROFILE: Facilitating Enjoyment of Holiday Treats

The Nutcracker is both a functional and whimsical Holiday Change Agent. Not only is he a fireside staple where his strong jaw cracks the toughest nuts, he is also a hero known throughout the toy landscape for defeating the Mouse King.

Project Summary: Brave and chivalrous, the Nutcracker’s desire to facilitate enjoyment of walnuts, pecans, and chestnuts is an incredible commitment and statement of his resilience. Data from this project will demonstrate how servant leadership can effect change throughout not only the snacking world but also the realms of imagination and daydream.

Benefit to Colorado: The benefits of this initiative are twofold; 1) the increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids will help lower cholesterol levels across the state, 2) the noble actions of the self-sacrificing Nutcracker will inspire Coloradans to be their best selves moving forward.

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