CO APCD Data User Resources

At times, working with claims data can feel like something more akin to an art than a science. Data layouts and elements that don’t always match up with other health information technology combined with unpredictable submissions and an ever-changing data warehouse can require skills forged through experience. We hope that the resources below can help. If you have questions or suggestions for information to be included, please email

Data Discovery

The Data Discovery Log documents data quality items identified following file submission and processing, enhancement and loading of data into the CO APCD.

Contents of the CO APCD

As CIVHC works to measure and define what is in the CO APCD,  it is necessary to take into account the near constant growing and changing nature of the database. The reports below contain point-in-time information, capturing the CO APCD at a certain moment and measuring what it includes.

Information and Resources About CO APCD Data

Data Brief Archive

Additional archived issues are available here

CO APCD Data Users Group

The CO APCD User Group’s goal is to improve the CO APCD by providing feedback and improving communications between CIVHC and user partners. They meet every other month in person with a remote option. 

Please email if you are interested in attending and include CO APCD Data User Group in your subject line.

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