What Makes
the CO APCD Stand Out?

The Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD) contains 870+ million claims representing over 5 million covered lives in Colorado. The CO APCD is one of the only APCDs in the country that provides non-public access to comprehensive, high quality, medical, pharmacy and dental data to help local and national stakeholders analyze health care cost, utilization, quality and access.

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“The reason that I was most interested in CO APCD data is because, typically, when I interact with claims they are siloed by payer. It's very unusual to have them all in the same database and to also be able to track people as they use the different types of health insurance.”

Sarah Gordon

Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management
Boston University School of Public Health

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Timely Data

CIVHC receives monthly claims submissions from all commercial payers and Medicaid, and the entire data warehouse is updated bimonthly. Payers in Colorado also submit a number of important elements to the CO APCD including plan, paid, and patient paid amounts.

Quality Assurance

Quality control is a top priority for CIVHC in all steps of the process: intake, processing, data enhancement, and analytic output.

Transparent Public Data

CIVHC typically releases 20-30 public analyses and data sets per year including a Shop for Care tool for patients, and Community Dashboard identifying regional and county-level health care improvement opportunities.


Payers submit claims on a monthly basis, making the CO APCD one of the most up to date and comprehensive databases in the country.



The state’s most robust source of health, dental, and pharmacy claims, with Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare all submitting to the database.


Covered Lives

The most comprehensive source of health care insurance claims information representing the majority of covered lives in the state.