The CO APCD contains millions of claims across all health plans for multiple years. Health insurance payers submit data monthly and the entire database is refreshed every other month, so the CO ACPD is continually evolving and being enhanced.

Data Warehouse Refresh Resources

The CO APCD Data Warehouse is refreshed every other month, incorporating new years of data while also improving the quality of the existing data by implementing new business rules, adding previously missing files, or correcting concerns. The breakdown of paid-through dates by business line for the most recent refresh is available here.

The Runout Report for the most refresh is now available for download and provides important information regarding the length of time between the service date and paid date (‘claims lag’) for medical and pharmacy claims in the CO APCD.This analysis helps answer several key questions including how long it takes to achieve “completeness,” how lag time varies by payer type (commercial, Medicaid, etc), and by claim type (medical, pharmacy, inpatient, outpatient, etc).

The Data Discovery Log documents data quality items identified following file submission and processing, enhancement and loading of data into the CO APCD following each refresh of the warehouse.

Query: CO APCD Data Quality

The Query: CO APCD Data Quality series is designed to:

  • explain the foundations of how CIVHC approaches data quality as administrator of the CO APCD,
  • detail the processes and systems that bring the data into the warehouse, and
  • define what steps are taken before data is released.

July 2021 - Defining Data Quality in the CO APCD

Query: CO APCD Data Analytics

The Query: CO APCD Data Analytics series is designed to:

  • provide insight into CIVHC's approach and philosophy of data analytics,
  • outline the what is possible and what is not with the data, and
  • demystify the process of CO APCD data release.

July 2021 - Contents of the CO APCD and How Data is Released