Product Overview

We offer a variety of report options to meet the needs of Change Agents; from small rural provider practices and non-profits to researchers at large universities and state agencies.

I. Standard Reports – Start at $500

Our standard reports allow access to low-cost, customizable information specific to a variety of pertinent topics. Examples of standard reports include:

  • Outpatient Outmigration for providers, public health agencies and others interested in patient migration patterns in and outside of their community.
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  • Inpatient Outmigration for providers, public health agencies, and other interested in patient migration patterns in and outside of their community for hospital services.
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  • Drug Costs and Trends for non-profits, health plans, state agencies and public officials interested in understanding pharmacy spending in Colorado.
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  • Provider Market Analysis (by CPT4 medical procedure code) for health care providers and others interested in average market rates for services compared to Medicare.
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II. Custom Reports – Start at $1,500

Have a very specific set of questions you’re trying to answer and no time to analyze a data set? Our custom reports are the perfect solution and can be delivered either in Excel (spreadsheets, pivot tables, charts, etc. upon request) or in Tableau interactive reports.

Before requesting a custom report or data set, we strongly recommend contacting us at so that we can assist you in this process. Our staff will help to ensure the CO APCD is the right fit for your project and walk you through the steps of completing the application and applying for scholarship funding (if applicable).

III. Data Extracts – Start at $10,000

Looking for a data set you can analyze on your own? Data extracts are a great solution for researchers or other entities with analytic capabilities that want data files they can use to conduct their own analyses. Data extracts come in the form of de-identified data and may include Protected Health Information (PHI) if all HIPAA etc. privacy and security requirements are satisfied.

Not sure what might be valuable to your organization?

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