Public Data Overview

Increasing access to transparent health care data is foundational to CIVHC’s work and to Coloradans’ ability to make informed decisions that will have lasting benefit to their overall health. Public data releases including interactive maps and charts, and publications available on our public website are some of the tools CIVHC employs to bring transparency to consumers and the health care marketplace, and to pinpoint areas  to reduce health inequity.

Focus Areas

Use the interactive CO APCD information below to shop for health care services and identify opportunities for health and health care improvement in your community.

  • Cost of care: Find out how much care costs by payer in your area compared to the rest of Colorado and more
  • Utilization of services: Explore how use of hospital services, pharmacy fills, ER visits and more varies across Colorado
  • Condition prevalence: Identify which areas of Colorado have higher rates of chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma
  • Quality measures: Locate areas across the state where care quality of care provides exceeds other areas
  • Shop for Care: Search prices and quality at different facilities for common elective service


Every CIVHC publication is aimed at serving, engaging, educating, or amplifying Change Agents, thereby highlighting their good work and providing necessary information and tools to help them move forward.

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