Use Data to Answer Health Care Questions

One of CIVHC’s primary goals is to increase transparency through data analytics and reports to ultimately advance health care in Colorado. Interactive health care data and reports can help consumers, communities, organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders identify ways to reduce variation in spending and improve care.

Use the interactive CO APCD information below to shop for health care services and identify opportunities for health and health care improvement in your community.

  • Shop for Care: Search prices and quality at different facilities for common elective services
  • Statewide Measures:
    • Cost of care: Find out how much care costs by payer in your area compared to the rest of Colorado and more
    • Utilization of services: Explore how use of hospital services, pharmacy fills, ER visits and more varies across Colorado
    • Condition prevalence: Identify which areas of Colorado have higher rates of chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma
    • Quality measures: Locate areas across the state where care quality of care provides exceeds other areas

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