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  • If you do not have insurance, use the price information below as a guide to discuss self-pay options with facilities.
  • If you do have insurance, contact your insurance company directly to determine your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Prices on the “Imaging” tab reflect only the facility portion of your bill (doctor’s fees are not included).
  • Prices on the “Other Procedures” tab reflect all bills you may receive before, during and after your procedure or service (including your doctor, medications, rehab services, etc.) and include payments to the facility list and to other providers

Regional Price Variation for Common Procedures

In Colorado, prices for common health care services vary across regions, and frequently, the regions with the highest and lowest prices are not consistent when comparing different services. The map below illustrates regional variation for 11 common services. This information can help communities understand how their health care prices compare to other areas across the state. To see all regions compared, access the accompanying infographic.